How are you? Really.

I can’t believe it has been three years since I wrote.

I don’t know what makes me sadder — the fact that I have not found the time to reflect on my life for whatever reason or if this means I am that miserable to turn into writing again. Nonetheless, this is what I feel like doing… so I am gonna go for it!

Indeed, when you reach a certain age you lose count of the days and you don’t notice how time flies so fast. You struggle to remember the last time you did something great or fun.

Wanted to start asking all of you now, “What have you been up to?”

I would normally ask “How are you?” but I realized that it is such a loaded statement especially when you come across a long lost friend. Really, how do you start answering that question?

Some will probably be caught off guard and just be decent enough to reply with “I am OK” or “Never been better”. Often times though I look them in the eyes and try to find the answer I am keen to look for. Are you really OK? Is anything bothering you? Do you have something that you want to offload?

As per my case, I am both good and not good. I feel good about the things I have done in my profession/passion but my body has aged and grown weaker. Developed hyperthyroidism which caused lazy eye and series of hormonal imbalance. Sounds heavy? Well, there are real great things too.

Like I gave birth to a cute charming baby boy named Marcus. Who can speak and somehow read as early as two years old. Who would say that I am the only one he loves and that he wants to be go with me wherever. Such an adorable little man. Three months ago he had a convulsion which resulted to a dramatic ER stint. Thankfully, he overcame it like a rock star.

I have met some new inspiring people and lost some old friends along the way. Got married at some point because I thought it was the right thing to do and until now working hard to make a healthy family.

So many things happened but still not sure where to start…

My sweet great Alexandra is now a teenager and starting to have her own little world. A world where she only sees me as a part of it as opposed to the yester years when she revolved around me. So much change that I did not notice.

I have forgotten how to stop and how to live. I have forgotten the reason why I am doing the things I do or why I started in the first place. I would blame it to aging and adulthood. Our own and social expectations have been putting our shoulders too much pressure. Enough for us to skip the whole journey and just mope in the end.

Then again I am glad for small things. I am happy that I stumbled upon my blog again as it reminded me of who I was once and where I wanted to be. It does not matter if anybody reads this or not. What matters the most is that I found this want to write again. I have so many things in mind. I have so much to write about but those things can wait and for now… I stop. and just enjoy the words that flowed from my mind to my fingers. Like a concerted effort of mind and body.

So there, that is how I have been. For now, let me end my note with “My friend, how are you? Really.”







How are you? Really.

Chores That Kids Love To Do

Nope, you did not misconstrue my title. I really meant it – there are chores that kids actually love to do. Of course you should know by now that everyone is unique and preferences do change from one person to another but if we, as parents, learn how to add that “magic” in the experience, we will find beauty in the whole exercise.

My list?

1. Car wash – This has been our regular family bonding. Make sure to make enough soap suds for the kids to enjoy. Be organized and plan with the family before starting.

Keyword is to designate. Ask them what they feel like doing for the day. Do they want to wash the tires or wipe the mirrors? If both kids want the same task – negotiate. You can suggest that the first kid can do the left side and the second child will take care of the right.

2. Watering the plants – They all love doing it. This is an opportune for us to learn the types of plants and associate some story telling about their names, origins, and lessons on colours!

3. Doing the laundry – Not all kids may find doing the laundry as enticing as playing PS4 but the little trick I have been using is the fun they can get out of it. The girls always loved playing with it no matter how brief the time is. Just make sure you are using organic detergent should you let them touch the soap and water.

4. Sewing for the girls – If you have rags that need a little stitching, give it to your young ladies. Be cautious with using pointy needles though. I always choose the round fat types used for cross stitching.

5. Setting the table – Surprised? Yep and so I was. It was an incidental play time that made me come across the chore trick. We were pretending to be some tourists in a local restaurant with different accents and one of the kids played the role of the waiter and the other as chef.

What can I say, you will become the happiest mum for not having to do a thing!

The secret ingredients are creativity and association. Once this becomes a routine, in a little lot less time, you’ll find yourselves being engaged in a habit.

When a child learns to develop this habit, it starts to build on their sense of responsibility and engagement with the team. It promotes that feeling of importance and accountability. These are things they will need when they grow up.

Caveat : When your kids are in a negative mood and you are still on the early stage of cultivation, don’t push them. The whole point is to let them have fun. If they don’t feel like doing things for whatever reason, let them be. Keep in mind that there will be plenty of opportunities to do it on a later time.

If you want to keep the motivation, proceed with doing it on your own and remind them how fun it can be but again, don’t push it. If they change their minds, they will volunteer.

You also have to remember that they are kids and may not do everything 100% so make sure to watch them carefully and teach them in a level-headed way on how to do things properly. It can be surprising on how they can adapt so quickly.




Chores That Kids Love To Do

Change – Constant but NOT Consistent

View from our apartment

Wow… I love the title I came up with. Sorry, need a minute here to chuckle 🙂 So there, months have passed as always and so many things took place that I don’t even know where to begin.

Well I know I have to begin somewhere so let me start with I have quit my 2 year job and I have moved to a place 10 hours from where we used to be. How’s that for an intro?

Three months ago, I got an offer to work in Legazpi Albay which I found far fetched at that time but for some reason, fate has a way of getting into our heads. I did not want to be separated from my kids again and it was difficult to imagine that I am leaving the job I have always loved.

So what made me decide to give it a shot? Well, I’d blame Scott Colby, the fitness trainer who kept posting “life begins outside your comfort zone” on his Facebook wall. That, and of course that small desire within me that wanted adventure. I am 28 years old and to be honest I have no room for recklessness. However, I realized for a very long time I have been cooping myself in to safety to the extent that I have made my life a boring routine!

When I was a teenager I always thought that I should be fun, restless, action packed, vagabondish traveler but then I ended up being an overprotective mom who gets mad over incorrect format on emails.

I felt the reckless young Krissy unveiled itself and pushed me to my limits. So now, here I am. 10 hours away from my kids, living on a tree surrounded apartment with no cable TV.

It was not an easy start and honestly, I am still adjusting. If there is one thing I am proud of, that would be knowing I gave this a shot. It does not matter if this decision is right or wrong… what’s important is that I have a story to tell. I have always been avoiding change simply because I felt comfortable with what I had. It took a while before it dawned on me that I should  finally embrace it to allow the next chapter of my life to begin. Legazpi City is a lovely place and it can easily be treated as a second home. Some people say I am lucky waking up to a perfect coned volcano that touches the sky – such an eye candy. I live 30 minutes from beaches and five minutes from food pornography! But, Manila is still my first love. No matter how polluted, overcrowded and dirty it gets, it will always have the things that I value the most which are my family and friends.

Separation truly does things on people. Change has been constant in my life but it has not been consistent with how I feel about it.

Change – Constant but NOT Consistent

8 People You Meet At Your Workplace

Having a job is one of the fundamentals of our lives. Your present and future are directly coinciding with the current state of your profession. Regardless if you are an entrepreneur, business man, employee or a free lancer – there is this place that you call your “office” wherein you put in either your salesman hat, thinking hat, lazy hat and the I-need-money hat. For the sake of this blog, I will not only pertain to a mortar and brick type but also include the ones that exist in the field, cyber office and what not.

Work place is hereby defined as a space where people collaborate, share and supposedly help each other to come to a predetermined result as a team. I have come up with a list of people that you may or may not come across. These categories are taken from personal account hence may vary from one person to another. Hope you will enjoy!

1. The Brain – This person is ideally the owner. Very important for “the brain” to be visionary. The destiny of the company depends on the plans of this guy. Needless to say that he should have insurmountable devotion and faith in his people. Without the brain, there will be no company to begin with. His ideas are the seeds of his very own team which should proliferate as time goes by.

2. The Boss – Contrary to popular belief, the boss is needed in every core. He is supposed to be the hands and the eyes of the brain. He will execute whatever the brain deems necessary at the moment. A very critical and at the same time risky role. Most of the time, this is where politicking happens. Everyone wants to be on the upper hand and easiest way to have that position is by infiltrating the circle of this person. The boss needs to have a very critical thinking and impeccable judgement. If he fails, everything else follows including the visions of the brain.

3. The Cheerleader – This person has a good head above his/her shoulders. He brings everyone back on track whenever things seem to be winding down the road. The optimist in this person can get through everyone’s walls and able to bring the team together. Sincerity is a must for the cheerleader. People will be dismayed if they find that everything he/she says is an “alternated truth”. Cheerleader should value trust most importantly.

4. The Negative Rut – Like Yin & Yang, the cheerleader has a counterpart. The negative rut is the heaviest burden and good riddance of the team. He/She does nothing but criticize and complain. The selfish prick who does everything based on personal interest. If it has nothing to do with them, then it is irrelevant. Hopeless people that is.

5. The Doer – A person who makes things happen. Nothing stands in the way of the doer. He/She should be ready to take on the consequences of his/her actions since everything does not guarantee success. The doer however is the one who can be the future brain due to the experience they acquire in the process.

6. The Sucker – These are the back stabbers, flatterer with ulterior motives. Very nasty to deal with. They are your foes presenting themselves as friends. Everything they say come out as an empty promise. They overuse the words “I swear” and “I value you” simply because they do not give a damn about these things. My advice, stay away from them!

7. Center of the Universe – Ah… one of my favorites. The egocentric who thinks he knows everything and refuses to accept valid and sound suggestions. This person is pathetic beyond imagination. They will fail to grow because of the attitude they possess towards work and learning. People who only saw the tip of the iceberg but claims to have walked through the whole mountain. Pathetic, really pathetic. I find it entertaining at times though.

8. The Apathetic – This is the one that encompasses majority of the population. They are normally staying for the money and to live through their expenses but has no intention of lasting long. You really can’t blame these people. They are normally young and free spirited and simply want to see what life has stored for them. Everyone goes through this phase. Can still be converted depending on how the boss, brain and doer show what’s in it for them should they decide to stick around.

And there goes my 8 types of people at the workplace. Do you see yourself in any of these? 😉


8 People You Meet At Your Workplace

Another on my bucket list!

Chez Louis

We were woken up this morning by the tannoy announcement that we would soon be crossing the arctic circle again, so it was a quick shower followed by a quick rush on to the deck to see us leave the arctic behind. We look all around to try and see the arctic circle but of course we don’t really know what we’re looking for, is there maybe a  big red line, like at the airport when you’re waiting to go through immigration, of course there isn’t, well not that we saw anyway.


After floating by the last couple of snow capped islands within the circle we come to the island, and the globe monument on it, that marks the latitude 66° 33′ 44″ and the ship dutifully sounds it’s horn as we effortlessly move passed on our journey south.



I’m glad that we then decided to make our way straight to breakfast rather than go…

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The Great Alexandra

It is 11:30 PM and my eldest woke up from her aborted night sleep. It was my fault for coming in late from my Sunday Service Mass. I asked her again if she had some undone homework that I might be able to work on with her. Being the obedient girl she is, she unzipped her bag and started going through her notebooks to make sure she did not miss anything.

My daughters
Alexandra and Yuri with my post baby weight

I gazed at my pretty young lady. How she juggled her books, made funny faces when she sees something, grinned and tapped her semi matured fingers. Everything just dawned on me and it detonated like a shell right in front of my face; TIME FLIES SO FAST.

Eight years ago, Alexandra was just a puny newborn who could hardly open her eyes. She is absolutely immobile and dependent. A vulnerable thing that I would hold in my hands and check if everything was fine. I feel horrible for not being there for her all the time. All the occasions I had to skip her school activities because of my work, the times I had to hush her because I have a late conference call at home, the times that I refused to play with her simply because I would like to rest rather than bore myself with their child play.

And most especially, I feel bad for the times I bawled at her because I snapped and lost  my patience for her imprudence. Truly, stress has gotten the best of me. I know how much she longs for my company, her distress whenever I say “No” and yet I was not able to change the situation for her.

I love my daughter so much. But I am far from being a perfect mother. As a matter of fact, I sometimes question if I am anywhere close to being good enough. My kids will not be kids forever. And I know there will come a time that it will be their turn to shun me from their lives simply because they already have their own.

I am writing this blog, so that somewhere, sometime, Alexandra will hopefully see this and know that I may not be the mother she wanted me to be but I have done nothing but to love them in every way I could.

The Great Alexandra

My Saga To Becoming Fit Again

As mentioned previously, I practically just gave birth to my son months ago. It was another overwhelming experience. Giving birth always reminds me how powerful women are.

As opposed to my first 2 pregnancies, my episode with Miguel is special because not only he had me go through C-Section but also he gave me a good 40 pound incremental on my butt. Yes, 40 lbs. That is life changing! Initially, just like the two, I thought my post natal weight would go away on its own but unfortunately, it filed its own permanent residence.

I came to a point that I felt so frustrated and inferior. I had a hard time believing that I can no longer fit to my skinny jeans and corporate attire. Then again, I told myself, I had to overcome my figure. I cannot give in to obesity because I will only live once and there’s no other way to do it aside from being hot & sexy – NO EXCUSES.

So my battle with calorie began and went through various programs until I finally stumbled upon “the one”.

I knew I had to give myself a jumpstart so I can remain motivated. I sought for the help of my little blue friend called Orlistat AKA Xenical. It was nasty! The oil secretion was just chastising but somehow I found joy seeing the stubborn fats get flushed out. After losing 5 lbs in one week, I stopped and went on to  my natural ways.  Ladies, you do not have to take Xenical if you don’t like to. Aside from being expensive, not everyone is prepared to go through the inconvenience. I just had to do it for personal boost.

So the program I found, it is basically Weight Based Intervals that you ought to do 6 times a week. In my case, I am only able to commit to 4 days a week which gave me significant results. I can’t wait for its absolute completion!

Now there are three things to avoid – RICE, SWEETS, and SATURATED FATS.

I will discuss the details further on my next blogs. Not everyone can stay away from rice but I found a better alternative which is brown rice. The calories may be more but the amount of fiber helps in digestion.

Eat lots of Green, Fruits and drink water. If you are 150 lbs you should drink 75 ml of water everyday. Ok I am sorry if I have to cut this short. I need to run in a bit. I just realized I have not updated my blog for ages. – Terrible me!

I will see you soon I promise!

My Saga To Becoming Fit Again